Laptop Repairs

Edwards offer a wide range of laptop services for both business and personal users. Whether you require a repair, technical support or looking to purchase a device, we can assist. We aim to find solutions based on individual requirements at a budget to suit your needs.


Damaged glass, unresponsive touch screen or a bad image. We can repair all of these


Not holding charge? Or no longer charging at all. Lithium batteries within laptops degrade with usage. There will come a time that these need changing. Usually a quick and simple replacement. Note that battery qualities and therefore prices vary considerably. Find how we choose the most suitable one for your device


Faulty charging or not powering on? We will assess the device and identify the issue. Its more common to see charging ports that are soldered directly onto the main circuit board of the laptop. Many local computer repairers do not have the expertise to replace these and suggest replacing the device! We are one of only a few micro-soldering specialists in the area that enables us to safely and carefully remove and replace charging ports.


Running slow or taking ages to load? Laptops can benefit from an occasional service to clean up junk files along with various other check-ups. We can also ensure backups are in place and that your hard drive is in good health.

Liquid Damage

The airing cupboard or rice will not repair your device! Our in depth liquid damage recovery service with provide options from data recovery to full repairs. Our expertise in micro-soldering, we are able to undertake many more repairs that most local computer repairers cannot offer.

Something Else

The types of repairs we can provide is endless! Get in touch to discuss all issues. If you are unsure if your device is worth repairing, we will quickly help you decide and offer replacement devices that we sell and setup, saving you all the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

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